Your FCL Shipment in Seconds

FCL shipments can be convenient and quick. Book and control your FCL container on line and with the assist of a crew of experts.

Have The Entire Container

Have more flexibility and control over your FCL cargo.

Ship Safely

Be accountable for loading and unloading and keep away from feasible difficult coping with that comes with LCL transport that threat unfavourable your cargo.

Be Competitive

FCL may also be the greater low cost alternative even if you don’t occupy the complete container.

What is FCL?

FCL: Full Container Load

An FCL cargo is the transportation of a cargo with an complete transport container. The merchandise being imported or exported has special use of the container house and doesn’t have to share with different importers or exporters, not like LCL.

Here´s When You Should Book FCL

  1. When you ship greater than 10 preferred pallets or 14m3 really worth of merchandise: Goods above this quantity may also be shipped at a decrease fee by FCL than LCL. → Optimize expenses with an FCL shipment.
  2. When you want your cargo to be secure: With FCL shipping, items are no longer in contact with these of different shippers and have a decrease danger of being damaged. → Protect your cargo with FCL shipping.
  3. When your cargo is urgent: Transit instances for FCL shipments are shorter due to the fact they don’t go via as many hubs as LCL shipments do. → Fast-track your cargo with FCL shipping.